With courses in beauty, nails and hair, you can pamper your career and study it all, or polish your skills in single area.





Treat yourself! MIONAB offers a range of flexible payment options and government funded courses, so you can get started right now.



Work with a huge range of products and receive lifetime discounts with MIONAB.

Government Funded Courses

Government Funded Courses

Condition Apply. Training is delivered with Victoria and Commonwealth Government funding

An industry leader - turning courses into careers

Since our establishment, Melbourne Institute of Nails & Beauty has become a training leader in nail technology, hairdressing, make up and beauty therapy training and education. Our study options range from individual short courses to advanced qualifications, offering students a comprehensive and customisable suite of study options to suit any career in the beauty industry.

With over 78 salons in our group, we are the biggest beauty and hairdressing group in Victoria.

With decades of experience, you're in safe hands

Designed with professional outcomes in mind, our courses are delivered by professionals with more than 300 years combined experience, and help make our students the most sought after in the industry.

With plenty of training on real clients and work experience placement available in over 78 salons, whether you dream of joining a top salon or running your own business, our unique approach to training ensures you are prepared for success.

Quality courses and products, at prices you'll love

With a range of flexible payment options and government supported courses you can start to make your mark on the beauty industry right now!

The discounts don't stop with our courses, our students work with a huge range of products, and recieve lifetime discounts at MIONAB. 

Complete and customisable study options

With high quality courses in Beauty, Nails, Hairdressing, Make-up and Salon Management you can pamper your career and study it all, or polish your skills in a single area. 

Enrolling is a breeze - simply follow the directions online, and we can get in touch with you! 

Our Courses

An extensive variety of courses are available at the Institute so that you became a professional ready to work in any salon.

Careear Outcome: Became a partner for life

All Melbourne Institute of Nails & Beauty students have exclusive access to Partner for life programs that can lead them to find employment within the group and eventually own their own franchised store.

Salon in partnership

Have you ever experience issue with your staff?

To solve the problem you could participate to our initiative "Salon in Partnership".
Salon in partnership is an initiative that aims to put in contact salon owner, prospective apprentices/trainee or students, salon owners and Melbourne Institute of Nails & Beauty, so that together we can meet salons and students needs.

Participating to salon in partnership program does not require any obligation and salon will benefit by participating to the program.



  • Student underarm waxing
  • Occupational health and safety in a hairdressing salon - Lesson
  • Prescription Nails
  • What Students at Melbourne Institute of Nails & Beauty can do
  • Shellac Application - Nail Art and French Application
  • Shellac Application
  • How to make an appointment for a client in an hairdressing salon
  • Remdial and Camouflage make up
  • Melbourne Institute of Nails & Beauty Students
  • Mionab Students
  • How to use Shellac in a salon
  • MIONAB   Commercial
  • What course can you study at Melbourne Institute of Nails & Beauty?






  • Prepare a Hair Colour Session

     Application methods vary from product to product and will also be determined by the desired result from your client. Precaution before starting the service. The first step is assuring that an ...

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    by Analyce Grech
    Friday, 24 April 2015
  • Announcing New Makeup Educator for Melbourne Institute of Nails & Beauty

    We are excited to announce our newest addition to Melbourne Institute of Nails & Beauty team, Shanna Okanlar! Shanna will serve as Makeup coordinator our Richmond Campus, covering all the educatio ...

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    by Fabrizio Scarfone
    Friday, 13 March 2015
  • Why we do not use MMA and so should you

    One of the most controversial topics in the professional beauty industry involves a monomer liquid called MMA or methyl methacrylate. Unfortunately, there are many myths and misunderstandings surround ...

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    by Josephine Scarfone
    Saturday, 07 March 2015
  • When not to perform a waxing treatment

    Not every client is suitable for waxing. Always diagnose the skin before commencing treatment. Bring to the clients attention, any cuts or bruises before you start the waxing to be sure they don’t thi ...

    Rate this blog entry:
    by Josephine Scarfone
    Sunday, 22 June 2014
  • Hair coulour basics

     Natural Colorants People have been coloring their hair for thousands of years using plants and minerals. Some of these natural agents contain pigments (e.g., henna, black walnut shells) and o ...

    Rate this blog entry:
    by Josephine Scarfone
    Saturday, 18 January 2014
  • Why is it important to be multi skilled in the beauty industry?

    Gone are the days where having a qualification in one particular area in beauty, whether it is a qualification as nail technician or waxer, to secure income for your business. The industry has change ...

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    by Sher Moustafa
    Friday, 17 January 2014
  • Shanna Lee Oklander showcases her extraordinary work experience.

    All celebs donated their time and talents for the night. the look and style of makeup was formal and lashes were popular. Makeup was applied to both male and female. some of the makeup was applied t ...

    Rate this blog entry:
    by Fabrizio Scarfone
    Friday, 29 November 2013
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