Pre-training review for VET students instructions

Students must have a sufficient level of literacy in English and Numeracy in order to access to courses at Melbourne Institute of Nails & Beauty.

Candidate may be required to undertake a Literacy and numeracy test at the time of their enrolment as to enable them to participate more effectively in training.

Moreover, they may be advice to undertake an English course while at school to improve their level of understanding of English.

The Beauty and Hairdressing industry imply that worker will be able to communicate with clients, fellow colleagues, managers and suppliers in a range of situations. It is increasingly necessary to have good skills both in English and in Numeracy in order to carry out the duty of a hairdresser, beauty therapist, makeup artist or nail technician.

When we ask someone to write or read or do a calculation it is not to demonstrate the LLN skill alone, but is for a purpose.

Future employee write a customer order, they read manufacturer instructions or set of workplace instructions, they calculate to give change or to double the ammount of one color when they mixing them.

Language, literacy and numeracy skills are ‘built-in' to units of competency in Training Packages. So when we are training we assess the level of LLN that is consistent with the performance required within that unit and keep the assessment focus on the job task rather than LLN in isolation.

This is the more immediate practical reason why candidate must be assessed on the level of language, literacy and numeracy: to make sure students can successfully complete the course they have chose.

Candidates who have difficulties in writing and speking english or difficulties in basic numeracy will be advised to undertake a basic english course.



Instruction statement

This instruction describes the language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) skills review process that will be followed for all students enrolled in a VET program.

The process described here will:

  • ensure MIONAB is compliant with the Higher Education and Skills (formally Skills Victoria) Service Agreement and
  • demonstrate evidence of meeting each student’s training and assessment needs as required under the Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations (SNR 16.5), Standard 2 of Essential Conditions and Standards for Continuing Registration

In addition to reviewing students' LLN skills RTOs must also identify areas of competency previously acquired and ensure that all eligible individuals are offered RPL before commencement of structured training. These processes are addressed separately in the Institute Skills Recognition Policy and Recognition of Prior Learning Procedure.

1. Preparing for a LLN skills review 

LLN skills review model, based on current practices at MIONAB, have been identified as appropriate for VET programs. There are three models that can be used for the purpose of addressing students ability in the LLN area. They are generally selected on the basis of the course selected by the candidate.

Select for each Program the most appropriate LLN skills review model. Staff should carefully consider the profile of the typical student a program before deciding which LLN skills review model will be used.

Briefly explain, in each Program Guide and the Training and Assessment Strategy for the program, which LLN skills review model will be used including when and how it will be administered.
If an alternative model for reviewing LLN skills is preferred, it must be submitted for approval to the Education Manager. 

2. Conducting a LLN skills review

A LLN skills review could be combined with selection and/or induction activities in order to identify students requiring LLN support services as early as possible.

Students must be fully informed, before the LLN skills review, of the purpose of the review and provided with the opportunity to request an alternative approach for their LLN skills review.

LLN reviews will be completed within one week of the commencement of formal study.

3 Recording the outcomes of LLN Skills review

Results of a pre-training review must be provided to each student in a timely manner.

For students identified as requiring LLN support, written advice is provided on support available at a program level and other services available.

For each enrolled student, the completed LLN skills review, results, feedback and any further action taken must be retained in the student file.

Electronic or hard copy records of the LLN skills review with each student must be retained as evidence that the review has been undertaken and completed.


Policy Area: Administration and training

Responsibility: Enrolment officer

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